We develop creative and strategic web services for companies and  organizations in the action sports, motorsports, bicycle and automotive industry.

Working with:

KTM, Husqvarna, Gasgas, Vincenzo Nibali, 4T Project, Ass. Marco Pantani, Virtuous clothing,  Alessandro Vanotti, CD Sport, Green Star Lubricants  

We work with athletes, sports associations and international brands. 

Via Costantina 12,
24126 Bergamo (BG) - Italy

You can drop us a line at info@assedigital.com

Stefano Curnis Lead developer
Salvatore Santaniello Lead designer
Mirko Lumina Project Manager


Stefano Curnis: lead developer.

Heavily influenced by my father, I grew up with computers and enduro motorbikes.

Hence my youth was a continuous swing of interests between engines and computers, especially the internet. Trying to learn how to do wheelies by day, tweaking my scooter engine after school, and learning programming and how to make websites by night. Some time has passed and still this is what I'm doing everyday.

I usually write code. I find it hard to write something for people.

At this point it's clear that I'm better off writing something for computers. They fight back if you send them the wrong thing, but they don't judge you, or change behaviour, and simply work if you know what you are doing.

On this perspective they are very similar to bikes, sports, cycling and motor engines. Gravity, speed and power ask as well for control, fatigue, dedication, and nearly perfect calculations. They are easy to get hurt with, but as soon as you learn how to control them, they just give you back results.
They don't judge you, behave as expected, but they ask a lot in exchange.
Problem is, you'll never learn how to perfectly control them. That's the other thing they have in common. New challenges and obstacles are always around the corner, both for digital machines and sports. They asks for constant attention, acceleration, keep you active, curious, they stimulate you to do better, to reach new goals and solve new problems.

I think this constant commitment is my and our studio's fuel, and it is the axis (asse) on which our passion, ideas and daily work revolve.

Around this axis we spin like hard drive plates and bike wheels.

So, what we do here thanks to design, code, communication skills and method, is to put that fuel to power business with whom we share the same passion.

Curious to see how Salvatore and Mirko explain why they do what they do, but I'm sure they have similar things underneath that drive them to do their stuff with such dedication and I'm sure this is also what will keep us together as a team.